My background is in Music, All things audio, and technology. I create interactive interfaces and projects, music, wearables, game environments, and electronics. My interest lies in creating unique performances and interactions, blending the game world with music tech and external interaction, turning humans into musical cyborgs with sensors. 


Audio Design, Recording and Editing

Video Production and Editing, Art


Virtual Reality


Pre Doctoral Researcher, PhD Candidate Music Technology Group

Universitat Pompeu Fabra 

PreDoctoral Researcher in the Music Technology Group within the ETIC of UPF.
Researching immersive game and music therapy methods involving biofeedback.

Digital Media Academy

Curriculum Developer RemoteDeveloper for Wearable Technology Course

Instructor: Instructor for summer classes at Harvard for the DMA.
Courses will include: Arduino, Arduino Robotics, 3d printing, Raspberry Pi and Electronics, and Wearable tech.

Visiting Lecturer

Berklee College of Music

Sep 2017 – Nov 2017

Lecturer in Arduino, 3d printing, VR, and Wearable Tech

Part Time Faculty, Music Production Technology Innovation Department

Berklee College of Music

Sep 2015 – Oct 2016

Valencia, Spain

– Created Maker-based classes teaching Arduino, interactivity, and music hacking
– Created Berklee Multimedia Lab
– Taught classes Maker Lab 1 and 2 at graduate level, Pro Tools and Critical Listening
– Edited and filmed video for concerts
– Promoted and advocated for Maker Education and held events Arduino Day and European Maker Week in University

Fellow, Music Technology Innovation

Berklee College of Music

Sep 2014 – Jul 2015
Valencia, Spain

Won Fellowship for 2014 and 15 year
– Filmed and Edited Video for Berklee Online and Berklee Concerts
– Prototyped Maker Course
– Taught undergrad courses in pro tools and critical listening
– Developed wireless musical suit

Assistant Audio Engineer

Broadway Video New York, NY

Studio Assistant

Avatar Studios New York, NY. Sep 2008 – Jan 2011